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If you’re looking for the latest trends and are eager to create high-quality content, consider becoming Guest Blogger at TechoMix.com.

To make sure that your communication is clear and easy, we recommend that you read our guidelines on content carefully before submitting your content for publication.

Basics Expectations

We expect a lot from our contributors since we recognize the importance of the copywriter and content that is well-written. We strive to provide the complete credibility of the content and its effectiveness to the copywriter in charge. Therefore, we pay attention to the unique writing styles when deciding on the best pitch.

In order to get your pitch chosen ensure that you follow these rules completely.

The following are the rules to follow:-

  • Please provide high-quality, authentic informative content that provides benefit to our readers.
  • Do not just share a paragraph of over 800 words for spammy backlinks. We’ll remove it. It’s simple.
  • Select a topic you’re familiar with and confident about. Because your writing will reflect that you’re confident about it.
  • We don’t want monotonous, copy-paste, or self-evaluated (with no evidence or statistics to back it up) content.



We realize that you may not have been reading our blog for a long time. It is recommended to do some research and learn about how we operate to better understand our market. This will definitely help to make your pitch, or your first draft chose.

At TechoMix.com, our main focus is the content quality that we publish and share. We require the same from our writers too. We’ve carefully investigated the many facets of the eCommerce, Technology as well as the Digital Marketing industry to provide those who read our blog with the latest tutorials, solutions as well as hacks, and tips.

Understanding the readers we provide every individual or a group seeking information and education regarding the eCommerce, technology sphere, as well as digital marketing. As a web design and development firm working for almost all sectors, including Real Estate, eCommerce, Health, Tourism, etc closely with WordPress & WooCommerce solutions, our primary focus is helping the people we serve.

A Blog with TechoMix allows you to expand your reach to marketers, entrepreneurs, developers, and all those who are seeking an answer to their issues.

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Guidelines for Content You Must Be Following

  • Utilize Google Docs to share your content with permissions to our editors at


  • Create and share original content only. Please avoid plagiarism.
  • Your final draft should comprise a minimum of 800 words and there are no opinions, just research-based work.
  • Make sure to properly attribute information gathered from any other website.
  • Improve readability by breaking your blog content down into lists, and subheadings as much as you can.
  • Please avoid affiliate links or excessive promotional content, it could be rejected.
  • We permit a maximum of 1 do-follow link within the content body and one no-follow link on your product or brand pages.
  • All external links you use should originate from reliable sources with DA greater than 40.
  • We reserve the right to modify and/or reuse the content submitted as required.
  • Neither do we entertain boring, copied, and/or self-opinionated(with no facts/stats in support) content, nor do we accept republished content from anywhere.
  • After the post has been made LIVE, we send you the link and share it across every social channel. We’d also suggest that you publish the link to your social accounts and ensure greater exposure of your post on your networks too.


Guidelines for the Images, Infographics, etc.

  • We adhere to a similar design for all images featured on our blog. Therefore, we suggest sharing your sources. Our designers will make the required changes if any.
  • If you’re using screenshots for your articles, we suggest zooming in when taking a picture to avoid blurry images.
  • If you are using internal images within the content piece, ensure that the dimensions of the image are 640×430 pixels. Exceptions are also accepted.
  • Your image’s size should not exceed 100kb. Make sure to send compressed images.
  • When making use of heavy media files such as Infographics, GIFs, videos, etc. we prefer using embed codes.
  • Credit the source of media files that come from outside sources.
  • Include your photos in the Google Doc itself, and we’ll use them from there. It’s not necessary to share the .zip folders.